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About Me

In a young age, while working in a small cinema, I fell in love with the idea of filmmaking. While still studying at the university, I completed my first training in the area in 2005. 

After graduating I committed to a career as a professional Camera Assistant. Since that time, I have participated in numerous feature films, TV movies and commercials. Collecting experience as VTO, DIT and 2nd AC for many years, I have worked my way up to eventually become a focus puller.

I have been working in this position since 2012.

Being able to assist some of the finest steadicam operators finally pushed me to pursue a career in that specific field myself. After years of training, I finally earned my spot.


As pushing the boundaries is in my nature, with time I complemented my portfolio with new tools like the Arri Trinity, a DJI Ronin 2, Inertia remote wheels and more. 


Mastering the tools is but one step to be a good operator. Technical handling is like breathing to me so I can focus on creativity and content.

No matter how you want to tell your story -  I have the skills and the tools to help you with it


That's what I do

Are you looking for young and dynamic steadicam/arri trinity/gimbal/camera operator?

I offer meticulous and enthusiastic work attitude and don't mind going the extra mile.  

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Sascha El Gendi

Volkartstraße 66 Rgb
80636 München

+49 (0) 1772701437

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