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A profile shot of Sascha El Gendi


Sascha El Gendi's journey within the film industry is remarkable. It all began during his formative years when he assumed the role of a projectionist while still in high school. Little did he know that this early exposure to the world of cinema would ignite a lifelong passion for filmmaking.
His path took a significant turn when he pursued higher education, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Multimedia from the University of Augsburg in 2007. Throughout his academic years, Sascha didn't merely confine himself to the classroom; he simultaneously embarked on the creation of his first short films and, crucially, gained his initial professional experience in the film industry as a camera trainee.
With a strong determination to find his place in the constantly changing field of cinematography, Sascha decided to move to Munich in 2008. Here, he embarked on his journey as a 2nd AC and clapper loader, learning the ropes of the craft from the ground up. His academic background, combined with the hands-on experience he garnered on film sets, positioned him advantageously as the industry underwent a monumental shift towards digital technology.
In quick succession, Sascha collaborated with industry giants like ARRI Media and other leading companies as a Digital Image Technician. His mission was clear: to contribute to the advancement and refinement of digital filmmaking. His unwavering commitment and expertise became evident as he evolved into an valuable member of the teams he collaborated with.
Through persistent effort, Sascha worked his way up the ladder, progressing from a camera trainee to a 1st AC, and ultimately achieving his goal of becoming a camera operator. Over the years, he participated in a myriad of projects, including feature films, commercials and TV shows. Along the way, he had the privilege of collaborating with renowned cinematographers such as Michael Ballhaus, John de Borman, Gernot Roll, Judith Kaufmann, Matthias Fleischer, Florian Emmerich, Ngo The Chau, Glen MacPherson, and numerous others. These interactions allowed him to continuously refine his craft and gain invaluable insights into the art of cinematography.
One pivotal juncture in Sascha's career was his involvement with some of the finest steadicam operators in the industry. This experience sparked a passion within him for the art of camera movement. After years of rigorous training and honing his skills, he achieved a milestone by becoming a proficient steadicam operator himself.
Deeply committed to innovation and achieving excellence, Sascha continually pushes the boundaries in his work. While operating the steadicam undeniably stands as his foremost enthusiasm, he expanded his repertoire by investing in specialized gear such as HDAir Cyclo 1, Arri Trinity, Nodo remote wheels and other advanced tools. This extensive range of equipment empowers him to stay true to the director's vision, regardless of the creative challenges posed by a project.
With a career spanning over 15 years, Sascha El Gendi stands as a versatile and proficient camera operator. His unique perspective and unbridled passion infuse every project he undertakes with a distinct flavor. Always in search of fresh and innovative storytelling techniques, Sascha aims to make his mark in the world of filmmaking and camera operating.

Sascha El Gendi handheld operating on Ibiza for JGA: Jasmin. Gina. Anna.
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