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Camera Operator Gear

"The Steadicam gives the operator a unique format for self expression - 

it can actually become the billboard of your personality."


Ted Churchill-Steadicam Operator's Manual of Style  


Betz RIG 

Steadicam VOLT

GPI Pro Titan Arm

Walter Klassen Harness

Tiffen Exovest

Transvideo CineMonitor

Flowcine xMount

Customised Filmcart


HD AIR Cyclo 1

ARRI Trinity 1

Betz Wave1

Nodo Inertia Wheels 


DJI Ronin 2

Tilta ArmorMan2

DJI Force Pro

DJI Remote Controller & Thumb Controller

DJI RS3 Pro Combo 


Custom Easy Raptor Z Pro Arm

Custom Easy 25/15KG Vibration Isolator

Cinemilled Pro Arm


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