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         AboX Mini -  one step further


- custom designed, 3D printed accessory box for your focus stand


- printed from rugged multi-layer PETG, temperature resistant (-60°C - 100°C ) 

- lightweight, only about 750 gr (without battery)

- outer dimensions: 155mm x 150mm (w/o battery plate) / inner dimensions: 135mm x 85mm

- fits every standard stand in the industry and sits right in the center of gravity

- magnetic snap-on system and pogo pins for solid electronic contact 

- included frontbar for organising your most important tools

- smart color LED illumination (256 colors, iOS/Android App controlled)

- two USB sockets for charging your phone and other devices


- two 12V 2Pin Lemo sockets for powering your focus station

- one 12V DC output (mostly used for the magsafe charger)

- two 1/4 inch sockets with ARRI locating pins for your accessory

- extendable magsafe charger for e.g. IPhone 12  


- designed for micro V-Mount / Gold Mount


For detailed price information please download the price sheet here.

For further information on custom versions, special accessory or if you have any other wishes or ideas. 

Please contact me

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